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Just a quick FYI, Next weekend has a bunch of opportunity for a lot of great shooting

Boulder City HS is hosting a High School and Jr. High School Rodeo starting on Friday till Sunday. Sunday a lot of the families have a long way to go to get home, so they try to get over as quick as they can. I shot this last year, HAD A BLAST, I got a lot of really good shots, You can get pretty close to the rails in a few spots.


Women's Tennis

Friday @11, Saturday @ 10, These are usally free and Mike B. can get access to the courtside if you want it. Just let him know and take your NCC ID


Friday @11:15 & 1:30, Saturday @ 11:15 & 3:45, Sunday @ 1:30

You have to pay to get in here,but I think it is under $5 and it is a good cause

Keep in mind the next weekend at UNLV, There is tennis, track & field, baseball & softball all on Saturday, Pack a lunch and spen the day.

Also in Boulder City at Bootleg canyon there is a 3 day downhill bike race starting Friday thru sunday. You will have to either walk a ways in or BS them to get by.

As you head in to BC, at the first light you come to, turn left Veterans Memorial Dr.and go under the tracks, follow this road to the first stop sign which should be Canyon Rd. Turn Left and take it to the end, they will tell you that you can't go any farther, but if you tell them that you are there for the zip line, they have to let you through. If you drive a half mile up the road, there are a few places to pull off the road in a small SUV or Pickup. Low cars may not like this one. Remember, OFF THE ROAD, not to the side of the road. Find a place to let the shuttle buses that are taking the riders to the top to get by going up and cominig down. I was lucky enough to find a spot with a small jump and the riders would ham it up as they went by. Good time. Check the other fourm listing I did a few weeks ago on bike racing, There are some links there. I think I have a map I could scan in and send you of the course, but in less you know the area, it might not do you much good. The bike shop in BC is very helpful as well, All Mountain Cyclery I think??

One last one, At the South Point Arena, Friday thru Sunday, Free to the public.

Las Vegas Shoot World Archery Festival. You will need very fast glass to get shots here. Try to BS your way in to the front row, if they say NO, ask who you can ask to get a pass. Never hurts to ask, all they can say is NO again. Having a photo business cards seems to help as well. Just make one up and get some card stock at Stapels or where ever. What can it hurt.

So there is pleanty to do the next few weekends, Get out, get a great shot. You will be glad you did.


adben11 on February 09, 2017 07:18

Take US 93 to BC, at the very first light turn right on veterans memorial dr, at the next light turn left on Adams blvd, go a couple of miles till you pass the school on the left then the library on the right, the next street will be San Felipe Dr, turn right. Go about a half mile and look for a left (dirt road think) on corral rd. Your there. Parking will be sparse, make sure you don't park in someone's way. Lots of corrals that people keep thier horses at so wander around. Try to nkt get to colse to the fences, the animals will hit them. Have fun, keep your eyes open.
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