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The 2020 season of NCC Monthly Competitions is here.  Members are allowed to submit 2 images into any category and an additional image into the club challenge.  For electronic compeitions the image must be sized at a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1200 pixels tall.  Images that are larger than that will be automactially shrunk by the website.  Also DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE ENTRY.  If you need to change something you can edit your submissions using the My Entries link at the top of the site.  Remember that entries fees are still $2 per image this year.

  • Enter the January Electronic Competition by 11:59PM January 20, 2020. Club Challenge is Red.
  • Enter the February Print Competition by 11:59PM February 24, 2020.  Club Challenge is Architectural Detail.
  • Enter the March Electronic Competition by 11:59PM March 23, 2020.  Club Challenge is Power LinesCANCELED
  • Enter the April Print Competition by 11:59PM April 20, 2020.  Club Challenge is FrozenCANCELED.
  • Enter the May Electronic Competition by 11:59PM May 18, 2020. Club Challenge is Desert Wildlife.  CANCELED.
  • Enter the June Print Competition by 11:59PM June 22, 2020.  Club Challenge is A Long Road.  CANCELED.
  • Enter the July Electronic Competition by 11:59PM July 20, 2020.  Club Challenge is  Necessities of Life. CANCELED.
  • Enter the August Print Competition by 11:59PM August 24, 2020.  Club Challenge is Long Shadows.CANCELED.
  • Enter the September Virtual Electronic Competition by 11:59PM September 21, 2020.  Club Challenge is Photographer's Choice.
  • Enter the October Virtual Electronic Competition by 11:59PM October 19, 2020.  Club Challenge is Photographer's Choice.
  • Enter the November Electronic Competition by 11:59PM November 16, 2020.  Club Challenge is Soft.


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