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The results of the 2018 Annual Print Compeition have been announced.  All of the images are on display at Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse 333 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada April 3, 2018 through June 1, 2018.


ColorJerome HamiltonPoint Reyes
MonochromeJerome HamiltonGiulia


1stRobert ObermanShake Your Booty
2ndAllan DuffClearly Random
3rdKarla JordanLights
HMRobert ObermanTree Splendor

ABSTRACT - Monochrome

1st, BOCLinda HicksRibbons
2ndRobert ObermanCity Center Abstract 


1stStephen CuppSiblings
2ndJanice PhillipsOtter
3rdMichael BraunsteinHorses
HMAllan DuffPeaking Out

ANIMALS/PETS - Monochrome

1st, BOCMichael BraunsteinWolves
2ndJanice PhillipsStare Down
3rdCindy WilsonMontana Bella
HMLouise HesseTurtles Pace
HMHarry GhumanAngry Bird


1st, BOCJerome HamiltonFitness
2ndJason HekkertWant to Get Away? 
3rdJoan GoddardUp, Up, and Away 
HMJim SageHot Wheels


1stJanice PhillipsGreen Foliage
2ndStan KaulesIn Formation
3rdKathryn LockwoodPier at Sunset
HMJuliana StrattonLoony Bin
HMRobert ObermanCity Center Mystique 
HMJanice PhillipsThe Wooden Door 

CREATIVE - Monochrome

1st, BOCAllan DuffForesaken
2ndLinda HicksCade's Cove Grist Mill 


1st, BOCJerome HamiltonA Wheel Race
2ndCindy WilsonShoes - Holocaust Memorial on the Danube
3rdJason HekkertIn the Garage
HMAllan DuffApart from the Crowd 
HMJuliana StrattonKylemore Abbey

NATURE - Color

1st, BOCRobert RaymondReflection
2ndHarry GhumanMorning After the Snowstorm 
3rdJoan GoddardLife in the Rain Forest 
HMLinda HicksFiddlehead Fern
HMBuzz MossholderJust a Little Fall
HMStan KaulesComing Home to Roost 

PEOPLE - Color

1stHarry GhumanThe Shepherd
2ndBuzz MossholderThe Pirate
3rdCraig HicksWe Won!
HMMichael Braunst Grandmother
HMJim SageProud of This Tooth 

PEOPLE - Monochrome

1st, BOC, BOSJerome HamiltonGiulia
2ndMichael BraunsteinSadhu
3rdJanice PhillipsLonesome
HMCraig HicksUNLV Entrance
HMLinda HicksJonathan
HMJulie ChadburnNoni's at Borghese Park 
HMRobert RaymondCharlie


1stAllan DuffCold & Alone
2ndHarry GhumanSt. Vincent at Dusk 
3rdKathryn LockwoodLight at the End of the Pier 
HMMichael StrattonRainbow of Tulips 
HMStan KaulesThe Goodman
HMHarry GhumanDawn at Tulip Fields 

PICTORIAL - Monochrome

1st, BOCHarry GhumanSt. Thomas of Villonova 
2ndCindy WilsonYaquina Head Lighthouse 
3rdJuliana StrattonDeserted
HMBuzz MossholderGoing Home
HMJim SageBalboa Park Archways 


1st, BOCJim SageCowboy Bucking at the Radio 
2ndJoan GoddardRiding the Curl
3rdCraig HicksUNLV Tackle
HMJason HekkertThrough the Golden Gate 


1stMichael BraunsteinThe Boxers


1st, BOCJerome HamiltonMeditation
2ndStephen CuppPatriot at the Beach 
3rdJim SageCowboy Jim
HMMichael StrattonWhere's My Horse? 

PORTRAITURE - Monochrome

1stStan KaulesStagecoach Driver 
2ndJim SageCowboy Picking Guitar 
3rdStephen CuppStephanie
HMJerome HamiltonVictor


1st, BOCKarla JordanUntitled
2ndCraig HicksBristlecone Pine
3rdBuzz MossholderRetirees
HMJason HekkertBacklit Pistols
HMJan ParekhTiptoe

STILL LIFE - Monochrome

HMJason HekkertFlowerchrome

TRAVEL - Color

1st, BOC, BOSJerome HamiltonPoint Reyes
2ndBuzz MossholderGlade Creek Grist Mill 
3rdRobert RaymondChapel Spires
HMAllan DuffHungry Backpacker Lake 
HMCraig HicksStrasbourg Cathedral 
HMMichael StrattonMushing
HMCindy WilsonBagan Pagoda
HMCindy WilsonSheik Zayed Grand Mosque 

TRAVEL - Monochrome

1stKarla JordanOcean Beach Pier
2ndRobert ObermanWarwick Station - London 
HMMichael Braunst Castle


1stStan KaulesCalder's Flamingo
2ndAllan DuffBandon Blush
3rdBuzz MossholderValley Creek
HMCraig HicksOur Flag
HMLinda HicksMaidenhair Fern
HMLinda HicksWestward Ho!
HMJon HayslipCloudy Track
HMRobert ObermanAria Geometry
HMJanice PhillipsMetal Geometrics 


1st, BOCJanice PhillipsWorn and Weathered 
2ndJon HayslipThe Tracks
3rdKathryn LockwoodTogetherness
HMKathryn LockwoodThe Perfect Picnic
HMJanice PhillipsLeft to Rust


1st, BOCCindy WilsonBlack,White, & Red Cranes 
2ndJoan GoddardDelivering to the Nest 
3rdKarla JordanDesert Burros
HMAllan DuffWinter Coat
HMMichael StrattonI Wish It Would Stop Raining 
HMJuliana StrattonRufous Hummingbird 
HMHarry GhumanSymbol of American Freedom 
HMJan ParekhThe Hunter

WILDLIFE - Monochrome

1stBarry ParekhStilth
2ndMichael Braunst Monkey

About the Judges

Sue Altenburg graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Portraiture. She holds her Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman degrees from the Professional Photographers of America and is also PPA Certified. Sue was awarded an Honorary Master of Science Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography for her continued service to the photographic community.

Sue has been the recipient of numerous national and international print awards and is an internationally recognized speaker. She is a frequent speaker and print judge for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers Convention in London, England. Sue also teaches digital photography for the Smithsonian Associates in Washington D.C.

Susan Gomez is the owner of Light Images Studio. Susan has captured all facets of photography in Las Vegas and all over the world. In business for over 25 years, she specializes in Wedding, Corporate, Family, Boudoir and Children.

Catherine Guillotte has been in the photography business since 1980 with her first studio in San Jose, CA. She relocated to Las Vegas in 1993 where she is owner/operator of Portraits by Catherine. She is a member of Professional Photographers of America working toward her Master of Photography degree. She is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer. Also a member of The Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers in London, England, Wedding and Portrait Photographers, International (WPPI) and a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS).

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