Photographer of the Year

Photographer Of The Year (POY) is awarded annually to the Nevada Camera Club member who earns the most points in NCC monthly competitions and competitions approved by NCC. These competitions take place over the year with 56 images that are entered into assorted competitions and categories.

The Nevada Camera Club honors Douglas Walsh for his outstanding achievement as 2016 Photographer Of The Year for the Nevada Camera Club. Doug has accomplished NCC POY for the 5th time and this has never been done before.

He travels the world and captures once in a lifetime images. Doug is an expert photographer because of his personal techniques, processing skills, and photographic eye. When digital cameras first entered the marketplace, Doug was an early adapter. He invested in learning from the best professionals, became an expert in Adobe Photoshop, and evaluated many cameras and lenses. Doug concluded that Canon and its lenses were the best choice for him. Doug has contributed much to the NCC success. He is a past officer, a current active volunteer, and is an excellent judge at every level. Doug gives his advice and time freely to any new member who is at the Beginner Level in the NCC and seriously wants to learn to become a better photographer.


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