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Ok, I just read about this place in the RJ that comes weekly in the mailbox. In between Sedona and Jerome AZ is a town called Clarksdale. They have train ride that goes up through a place called Verde Canyon. Here is the website

The lady I talked to said that they have at lease 15 eagles and of those, 5 are maiting pairs. Some nests are visible from the train.

The train costs $90 for first class & $65 for coach/$60 if your 65+.

The train does not run everyday. But does run on the weekends. One run a day, leaves at 1pm and is a 4 to 41/2 hour ride up and back. Its not a loop, you go up the rail to Perkinsville and they turn around and come back.

They have a few runs that they have rescue animals on the train. Looks like the first saturday of the month, then one day a month they are on the patio at the station.

So, I am going to go the 17th of Febuary, stay in Cottonwood at the Elks Lodge in my trailer. If any one would like to meet me there and go around the area shooting, just let me know. I have scouted some roads online that may or may not have more eagle, but there will be something there.


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