MIND TILT-SHIFT: “Developing the Relationship Between Photography and Other Types of Art - While Also Running Your Own Gallery and Having a Life (I Promise!)” Speaker: Nancy Good, Artist/Photographer/Gallerist Photographers are often quite multi-faceted in their artistic skills. But often, we believe that to find professional success as a photographer, we must focus specifically on this art form, leaving others relegated to hobby status or even shelving completely. To me, this does a huge disservice to our photographic approach. Photography is an art. The parts of our brains that envision the end result of a photographic image are the same parts of our brains that help us create beautiful paintings, sculptures, write songs or stories, play music, and more. By developing all aspects of our creative brains, we become better artists. When we become better artists (in any medium/genre), we become better photographers. Are there unique challenges? Yes. Are they surmountable? Definitely. Is it important? Absolutely! And just as the above can be a balancing act, the tightrope gets even narrower when adding a gallery to the mix. However, there is no reason that anyone with a healthy sense of humor, self-discipline and passion cannot successfully (and happily) run a gallery, still have time for the art you love, AND find time to play, spend time with family and friends, and even take a vacation (tax write-off if you plan it right)! This presentation engages dialogue around these questions and shares insights, experiences and solutions that have worked for multi-disciplinary
Date: Friday, June 14, 2019 - 7:00pm

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