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Howdy I'm Garrett Winslow. I am a full time professional Photographer. My Photographic Speciality to make a living is people... specifically Weddings, Engagements, Families and Kids. However if given the opportunity my first love Photographically is Dance and specifically Ballet. My second love Photographically is Horses and the deep outback away from civilization. Place a Ballet Dancer within the Landscape with Horses? OMG! 

I compose over 150,000 images per year, and have a camera in my hand every single day. I am a NIkon Shooter and a member of the difficult to be accepted for Nikon Professional Services Group. I also love teaching others my love for Photography and have led, organized, taught, and mentored other Photographers with over 800 seminars and Photo Safaris. I am exceptionally familiar with most locations within 1500 miles of Las Vegas, and I am pretty sure I have been on every single dirt road in the outback of Nevada. (which is considerable!) I've been a mostly Las Vegas resident since 1968, with a few years spent in the Lake Tahoe region, which is my favorite place on earth so far. 

My philosiphy is... "One person with passion is worth 99 with only an interest. We should work to become, not to aquire. I believe I am a work in progress...I also live by a quote from one of my favorite authors, Henry David Thoreau who said... "our truest life is our dreams awake"

Within the Nevada Camera Club, I am the 2017 Vice President and I am also the Education chairperson. I also judge images within our Monthly Photo Competitions. I love to teach Photography and also Web design for Photographers. You can reach my main website, and see more of my work by clicking HERE! I am also on InstaGram @bywinslow. Should you also be a Nikon shooter and like to try any of the gear I might own, you are welcome to contact me through my website. We'll go do lunch and shoot a bit. You can view a complete list of my gear by clicking>>

For a larger view of my work here simply click upon any thumbnail below, then use the arrows to move between them... 


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