Alcohol Transfer Printmaking Workshop

Alcohol Transfer Printmaking Workshop
Rick Holmes, DNCC

Contact printing has been widely used by artists forever.  Block prints, cyanotypes, and etching are just a few of the types of artwork made by using contact printing techniques.  

This free workshop for Nevada Camera Club members will focus on a technique for making customed prints from digital images.  Hand sanitizer gel, such as Purell, will be used to transfer inkjet prints onto fine art paper using contact printing techniques.

There will be an introductory discussion and demonstration of the process, followed by hands-on printmaking.  Each attendee will work on their own personal images.  

If you have ever done Polaroid image transfer, then you will want to try this technique.  It's fun and easy.

Due to the interactive, hands-on nature of the workshop, there is a limit of four attendees.  A second session can be scheduled if there is sufficient interest, possibly on a weekday afternoon.  Before the class, each attendee will be required to email me up to four images that I will prepare for transferring.

When:        Sunday, October 15, 2017 starting at noon.
Where:    The Holmestead - address will be provided to attendees.

Please contact me at or 702.458.4933 if you are interested in attending.  On confirmation, I will provide details of what to send me ahead of time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 12:00pm